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Family and Inheritance Law

Family law, civil and criminal aspects, and inheritance law


The Firm has been providing assistance, for numerous years now, in all matters relating to the relationship between cohabitants, spouses and between parents and children.


More specifically, it deals with property and personal relationships between cohabitants. It also drafts agreements aimed at defining economic issues between couples (i.e. cohabitation contracts, trusts) as well as providing assistance and consultancy in succession or disposition issues, in life, of one’s assets.


The Firm also provides separation and divorce services and any other issues relating to, connected with and/or the prodromal phase of separations.


With particular reference to the parental role, the Firm deals with the following issues: custody and placement of minors, limitation and/or forfeiture of parental responsibility, child protection, representation and administration of a minor’s assets, recognition and non-recognition of children, international child abduction, protection orders.


The Pisani Law Firm also deals with all issues related to adopting minors, both national and international, as well as adults. The Firm also provides assistance and advice to its clients in inheritance issues involving cohabitants, spouses and minors.


And finally, Lawyer Pisani assists clients, defendants and injured parties in criminal proceedings, where there have been violations such as, by way of example, ill-treatment against family members and cohabitants, abducting minors and incapacitated persons, corrective measures abuse, violation of family assistance obligations, stalking, incest, bigamy, marriages induced by deception, domestic violence, concealing a newborn, concealing and/or altering a child’s status.

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